I make lunch for our work crew every day. It takes time, and there are more dishes, and I have to plan ahead if I want to make anything involved. But I make the time and we do the dishes because it’s worth it – we connect, rest & recharge. And sometimes we just have salads with stuff on top. It’s fun for me to think strategically and cook for grown ups, challenging to balance all the dietary restrictions, and gets me deeply in the seasonally cooking. I worked in quite a few kitchens before I worked at one that had staff meal, where we actually took time to sit down and eat a meal, with forks and knives and napkins – and I think we made better food because of it. We tasted things together and talked about what which dish we liked the best, and what needed a little more salt – we defined our palates as a group. On the farm, as in the kitchen, we work hard – but one of the perks should be that we eat well. So we sit down to lunch, we eat the first handful of green beans, and crunch the first cukes. It also serves as a reminder to me that not everyone has worked in French restaurants – what we plant and weed and harvest – it brings it all together if you also know the pleasure of crunchy fennel in a potato salad, or radicchio and endive with a poached egg.  
New This Week – White baby new potatoes, the first cucumbers, golden beets, baby carrots (online only, no market), tatsoi & mustard bunches, Arugula & White Bean Soup (with fennel), Potato & Fennel Soup with roasted garlic scapes.
Next Week – Broccoli, more green beans.   Have a great week and thanks for all the support – Ellen

Good morning! 
Pre-orders through the online store will open next week on 
Tuesday, April 27th at 8am. 

Order Tuesday/Wednesday, and then pick up your order at the farm Friday (in the old pick up room attached to the house) or at the Covent Market Saturday! Or just come by and say hi at the market Saturday May 1st at the outdoor farmer’s market 8am-1pm.  

As always, the season starts slowly – you all know it was chilly this week, but we will see some asparagus in just a few weeks, sooner if the weather cooperates! And rhubarb a week or so after that. But we will have spinach, salad mix, radishes, green garlic and other treats of the season.

Frozen soups – 3 bean Chili, Spring Greens & Pork soup, Chunky Veg with Chickpeas & Ginger, Kohlrabi & Sausage with Tomato, Pastured Chicken Broth.  
Frozen whole hog sausage from our own pigs – sausage is generally made from all the leftover bits, but this is a sausage made from one whole hog – I think it holds shape better and has better flavor.  Plain, garlic & breakfast sausage. 
Plants – at first we will have some of the hardiest seedlings (broccoli, cauliflower, kale, lettuce, calendula and parsley), because we are still liable to get a frost until the latter half of May, and some sensitive types (tomato, basil, pepper) can’t handle it. As the season progresses, we will have more variety of seedlings. 

You’ll see Seth’s Bread, Darryl’s Maple Syrup and our own organically fed pastured eggs. We got a new batch of laying hens, so we will have small (they’re like practice eggs for the first few months) and large eggs. 

And Suzy had her foal! It’s a filly named Kelly and she’s doing well – she spends all of her time on pasture with her mama at this point, glued to her mother’s side. It’s lovely to have new life on the farm.

Have a great week and thanks for all the support! Ellen
Greenhouse is starting to pop at the seams!
Kelly with her mom, Suzy