As the winter season continues we are trying to get the bunkhouse ready for the apprentices. I am beginning to think that we won’t have it ready for them to move in when the first apprentices arrive the end of March. Fortunately, we have room in the house for everyone until the bunkhouse is ready.

We also held a successful logging workshop here on February 21st. People signed up to come for the day to see what horses could do in the woods. Horse logging is much gentler on the woodlot, doing less damage to the remaining trees.

I am getting ready to plant the first seedlings in the greenhouse. Head Lettuce and Pac Choy for the first pick-ups in May. They will be transplanted to the hoop houses in early April. Soon the onions and leeks will also be started from seed. It’s always very pleasant to work in the greenhouse in the late winter with the warm sun and the promise of spring to come.

We still have space in our CSA for the 2009 season and applications can be downloaded from our website at the bottom of the CSA page.

Ken and Michelle getting ready to lay the ash flooring for the upstairs of the bunkhouse.