CSA member Avery and toad in pcik-up room
We have had a very good strawberry season this year and many CSA members have taken advantage of our Pick-your-own strawberry option. Three full weeks of berries is about as good as it gets with regular season strawberries.

We are happy to have CSA members signing up to help with the harvest and the washing of produce for our pick-ups. The gardens are in good shape. It is always a relief to have the majority of the crops seeded, transplanted and mulched. We have taken off the row cover from the squash, corn, melons and early plantings and the pathways in the garden that we seeded down are growing. The garden looks its best in early July when the majority of the crops are still growing well. We got a bit of rain yesterday, but plan to start irrigating later this week and hope to finish our second cut hay. (That is if the weather forecast is correct…)

Chester, the stallion we bought a half share in, arrived yesterday. Ken is doing a bit of work with him in the round pen before he tries hooking him up to the stone boat. Jazz our new mare is adjusting to being here, however we don’t trust her in the barn with children. WE ASK THAT PARENTS KEEP THEIR CHILDREN OUT OF THE BARN. We would rather be safe than sorry. The horses we raise here become accustom to people from the time they are foals, however new horses are not so trustworthy.

Happy CSA member
We are as pleased as our CSA members to have beets, carrots, strawberries and sugar snap peas for the CSA pick-ups! The warm weather and rain have brought things along well.

Zeus, our 5 year old gelding, has gone to join Whinnie on a CSA farm in eastern Ontario. We sold Whinnie last fall. Jazz, a four year old mare, has joined the herd to replace Zeus and Ken is hoping she will fit in well. Chester, the stallion, will be arriving the first of July. Ken continues to build new fences around our pastures in anticipation of Chester’s arrival.

We have another round of sweet corn to transplant this week and we hope to finish the mulching of the peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and melons. The cultivating and weeding of the garden went well last week. There is a bumper Strawberry crop this year. The patch will be open for CSA members to pick their own on Tuesdays and Saturdays during the CSA pick-up times from 11:00 am-7:00 pm. Bring your own containers.

Good bye to Zeus