The entire time growing up my brother and I begged for a puppy – it would be so cute! We would totally take care of it and everything, etc. I called a family referendum to negotiate for a pet and finally got a cat.  And then miraculously, when Grayden and I were off to university, mom and dad got a puppy, Caesar. Beloved by our parents and every CSA member and intern. Not the sharpest tool in the drawer by any means, but it wasn’t until this year when he couldn’t chase the hawks from the laying hens that I realized how much he did do around the place (we lost like 10 chickens). Over the years, his mild manners and predictability has turned many a canine-averse toddler into mere skeptics of any other dog. ‘The only dog I like is Caesar.’ 

I think his acceptance and approval of pick up days during the CSA was entirely based on the access to the floors of minivans (rife with snacks), errant baguettes and the dog treats brought especially for him. The last few years he’s dedicated himself to guarding Aaron’s 4-runner with an alarming passion. Sometimes we would have to strategically park it so that he wouldn’t bark at cars driving close to it for 4 hours because he would make himself hoarse. He would sit with Aaron for hours, and always begged for a ride in the back. 

May he go on many more walks, eat all the treats and chase hawks and cats on the other side. Thank you for sharing your life with us, Caesar.  

Caesar and Mosquito Waiting for a Wagon Ride

Caesar is Eagerly Awaiting the Start of the CSA Season
Jayme and Caitlin Making Potting Soil with Caesar Supervizing
Martha and Caesar
Transplanting Onions with Help From Robin Grindley – CSA member
Apprentice Team in the Cabbage Patch with Caesar
At the End of a Big Day Gathering up Row Cover
Jean Francios Inglais
Martha and Caesar Sorting the First Seeds for 2013
Caesar enjoying a Carrot in the Field as he Suppervizes
Introductions Caesar and Mabel
Linning up the Logs to be Pulled Out
Caesar enjoying the ride.
Jayme and Caesar Relaxing after Gathering in the Garlic
Michelle and Caesar