Christmas Greetings everyone! Ken and I harvested our last Christmas Trees the beginning of December! We have them for sale at the farm on Michelle’s pick-up days for Fairmeadow farm: December 16th and December 20th. We harvested our first Christmas Trees in 1989 and it is with mixed feelings that we are phasing out that part of our business.

The bunkhouse is closed in for the winter and now Ken will go to work on the inside. We will finish the outside in the spring when warm weather returns! We had a local sawyer come and saw up some more logs for us this week to finish the job.

Ken has been busy the last few weeks doing a number of presentations about our farm and or soil fertility. We both attended a CSA conference that was held in Ontario the end of November. It was wonderful to meet so many other CSA farmers and share our experience, ideas and enthusiasm for the CSAs. One of the most positive aspects was the number of young people who were there that were interested in farming! While we were there we interviewed a young couple from Quebec who are going to come and apprentice here next season.

Just a note about the CSA popcorn – we tried some and it popped very well and was oh so good. If any of you have some at home now’s the time to try it. We had a tip from a CSA member for getting the kernels off the cob… just use your baking cooling rack to scrape off the kernnels, but cover it with a tea towel to keep the kernnels from flying all over the place.

Ken and I would like to extend our warm wishes to all of you for the coming year and express our gratitude for your support in 2008.