Driving Cow at North East Animal Powered Field Days

Ken and I have just returned from a brief holiday after the end of our CSA season.  We attended North East Animal Powered Field Days in Vermont last weekend. One of the highlights for me was seeing the “Driving Cow”.  Look out Mable! We also saw lots of draft horses and oxen working double and single. Five of the young people who attended the event had  been apprentices here at Orchard Hill. It is encouraging to see young people interested in horse powered farming.  After the event we were able to visit another horse powered CSA in Massachusetts.  It is fun to see how many similar methods we have developed to incorporate the work horse into our operations.

Life here on the farm changes when the CSA season draws to a close and our crew of apprentices leave.  Caesar isn’t quite sure what has happened to his social life!

We were blessed with a wonderful growing season and a bountiful harvest.  We appreciated the support of our CSA members and are looking forward to planning for another growing season next year.