Expanding Wash Area

Those of you who have done a working share in the last couple of years may have noticed that we have been expanding into the back yard with additional washing stations when we wash produce before a pick-up. The clay ground can become quite muddy…as a result we have decided to dig out some of the clay and add some more crushed stone. Jesse and Sheri have done a majority of the work, although Caesar tried to take some credit in the picture of them resting from their labours!

Aylmer Youth Group visit

Last Saturday we had a youth group from St. Paul’s church in Aylmer come to visit the farm and see how we grow our early vegetables. They toured the greenhouse, hot bed, hoop houses and barn. Sheri showed them how to plant a few beans to take home and start indoors. It was a cold day and they were very happy to step inside the greenhouse and hoop houses.

We have been continuing to plant and care for our early seedlings. Our work horses have already done the first cultivation in the garden. We were busy taking the row cover off and putting it back on again after. It is quite a job, but really makes a difference in bringing those young early plants along. We have also planted a new block of raspberries and strawberries for the future and next week we plan to plant out our onions, leeks and potatoes.

The apprentices have been learning to drive the draft horses and have all tried their hands at plowing. We are having a draft horse workshop the last part of this week and Nora and Jesse will be taking part. A young German girl was planning to arrive at the farm last Saturday to stay until early July. She is now planning to come on April 26th due to the canceled air travel from the volcano!

We have 7 shares still available so if you know someone who is interested in joining there is still room.