Transplanting Kohlrabi
Team marking out rows for brassica transplants
Grafting Tomatoes
Elaisa with Sweet Potato Slips
Sheri teaching basket making from Dogwood branches

We have had a busy week. Elaisa arrived from Germany on Monday for three months. Her arrival was delayed because of the volcano in Europe. We transplanted leeks, onions, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, fennel, kohlrabi, radicchio and head lettuce into the main garden. We also planted our seed potatoes and finished planting our oats.

Work in the greenhouse also continues. We are trying two new things this year. Growing our own sweet potato slips and grafting tomatoes onto a stronger root stock to produce more vigorous plants for hoop house production.

Around the edges we have been making some baskets from Dogwood branches under the instruction of Sheri. She has made some beautiful baskets that she brought with her to show us. As we attempt to make our own we appreciate the skill she has acquired.

First pickups will be Tuesday May 11 and Saturday May 15. The pick-up times are at the farm from 11:00 am – 7:00 pm. Please bring your own containers to hold produce and payment for the remainder of your share cost if you haven’t already done so.

One thought on “Spring planting

  1. Can’t wait until Tuesday for the first pick up!

    I think it is fantastic to learn how to make your own baskets out of Dogwood branches. I would be interested in learning that craft. Maybe you could offer a course for CSA members?

    Food for thought.

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