The New Addition
We have had a busy week on the farm! The newest addition is a very sweet jersey calf. We hope that she will become our future milk cow on the farm…Caesar is very interested in her, but especially likes to lick our hands after we have fed her.

We harvested some beautiful head lettuce and Pac Choi from our hoop houses for the first pick-up of the season. (See pictures in the blog from the beginning of April when they were planted.) It is always great to see all our old CSA members again when the pick-ups begin and to welcome new members to the farm.

Sheri, Nora and Elaisa harvesting in hoop house for first pick-up

CRAFT DAT at Orchard Hill
Wednesday we had the first CRAFT Day of the season at our farm and over 80 farmers and apprentices from southwestern Ontario came to our farm for the day. How wonderful it is to see so many young farmers in the making! As the “work project” for the day we mulched a 50’x 375′ plot in the garden with old hay for the squash and pumpkins. It only took about 10 minutes to mulch the whole area! We have a link to CRAFT if you are interested to learn more about it.