After the spring-like weather a week ago it seems winter has returned! The horses don’t mind because the snow and frozen ground make their paddock much cleaner than the mucky muddy mess we have had some yeas in February. I don’t really mind either, because Ken is itching to start his spring plowing and the winter conditions help keep him focused on the bunkhouse wood working. I am very pleased to report that the stairs are now in place and we are ready to start work on the floor for the upstairs bedroom. The beams look lovely with their final sanding and oiling. We are very hopeful that the bunkhouse will be ready for the apprentices when they arrive the end of March.

Around the edges of the bunkhouse work we will be starting up the greenhouse for the early spring transplants. Lots of garden planning has taken place and we are excited about the coming year’s growing season. CSA garden applications keep arriving daily with the mail. We still have some space available and welcome local folks to join for the season.