Jess and Jordan – Friday was Jordan’s last day for the season – thank you Jordan and thank you Jess! We have a great team here – they have demonstrated such kindness, flexibility and hard work, couldn’t have done it without them (there are more not pictured – thank you Ken, Martha, Cheryl, Jac, Jennifer, Derek, Jacob, Aaron, Frannie & Della).  Fall is for reflection. Each year in November we sit down as a team and have a seasonal review – what worked this year, what didn’t, what we would like to see next year, financial and personal goals, etc. People are always talking about January as the new year, the time to reflect and set goals, but by then I need to be ordering seeds and putting pencil to the garden plan (and besides we already had to roughly plan the garden and plant cover crops ages ago, so there are already some parameters in place).  This year, obviously, has been different than we imagined last November. We have a website where you can buy stuff, so we have an option if all the farmers markets are shut down.I wish that I had more melons this year, and I will be more meticulous with my onion & leek propagation next year. I will grow more peppers and give up on the dent corn for a year. I’m planning to grow more tarbais beans (this year I grew them mostly for the seed), and use broom corn as an in-garden trellis. I’m going to commit to more no-till techniques. I will buy a new potato digger that doesn’t require so much (live) horse power. I will plant more parsnips and one more succession of carrots and Dino kale. I’m uncomfortable with the amount of plastic we use each week, but I also want the produce to be of the highest quality…thinking on this one.  So send me an email if you have any feedback. New this week: Curried Squash Soup, Squash & Brown Butter Soup, Mexican Tomato Soup & Autumn Minestrone Soup (for real).Coming soon: Dill Pickle Kohlrabi Kraut, Cabbage Roll Soup, Kimchi. Have a great week and thanks for all the support.EllenPS – I know this seems like a season’s end type email BUT IT’S NOT – we will go to market at Covent and take online orders until Dec. 21. 
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