I found this piece of bark in the woodpile while moving wood for the greenhouse the other day. I love how it contains the forest within itself. How this fungus on skin of the wood so closely resembles the interconnectedness of the canopy of the treetops. We are all connected, even when we can’t hug loved ones, and share meals and laugh and tell stories, our inner life still holds on to that web which connects us. Our skin, some barely visible web within us, still remembers. 

Seeds have been planted outside, but the ones that are really taking off are all in the hoop houses. Everything is covered in row cover to help protect it from the temperature swings. 

My pants are tight. The food around here is really good. Take out is from my mom’s house and it’s never been so delicious. Last night we had yu choi (have you had it?!) – so tender, so juicy! It’s like how pok choi is delicious but without so much of the mustard family favor. 

The greenhouse is popping recently, although it’s been snowing everyday (and promptly melting) for what feels like the last 2 weeks. We are digging up all the volunteer plants that have seeded themselves in the side garden to pot up and grow on a little more quickly in the greenhouse, ready to go into your gardens. 

We have also been working on the online shop – it will be ready in May, when the asparagus is ready to go! At this rate (it’s been so chilly! I’m sure you’ve noticed), it looks like at least the second week of May. The store will be updated weekly, and there will be an ordering window (Monday-Wednesday), and then the box will be ready for pick up or delivery on Friday afternoons. We will have Seth’s bread in the store as well!

Take care out there!