Last Pick up of the Season is Saturday!img_7284

Here it is almost December and we just picked the last of the tomatoes – I know, every pick up I say it’s going to be the last of the tomatoes, but this time it’s for real! Last night they got frozen, so it’s really over. But yesterday we picked the last of them, and although they won’t win any blind taste test awards, they still add a little juicy something to a salad. But it’s amazing that in the same day, we were picking herbs in the snow! The large hoophouse that the tomatoes were in holds a lot of residual heat and kept them from freezing for a few days. We also grew the head lettuce in the large hoophouse.

The bunkhouse renovation continues to creep along – the siding is almost all up, and now we are in the process of installing the electrical line. Today is Ken’s 66th birthday and he’s spent it on a mini back-hoe, digging the trench for the electric line. I mean, it’s a toy, right?

image1Next week, Aaron and I are going with the girls to an ecological farmers conference (EFAO) in Kingston – it’s the farmer’s version of a vacation! But it’s always fun to spend time with fellow farmers, and it really only happens in the winter, and I look forward to it. I’m also looking forward to a few months of recharging and undertaking some maintenance and creative projects. And recreational exercise! Then planning the garden & projects for next year!

We will keep you posted on our winter projects. Keep warm!