Greg Hawkins skidding logs with forecart and Gena and Jasmin

Yesterday we had another successful logging workshop here at Orchard Hill Farm. Ken worked hard getting ready the last couple of weeks felling trees to pull out of the woodlot on the big day and getting all the horses shod for the winter conditions. Our son, Grayden, came home for the weekend to help supervise the participants and demonstrated that he hasn’t forgotten his teamster skills while living in the big city of Toronto.

12 year old Learning to skid Logs

One of our youngest participants ever, 12 year old Chris Collinson, took to driving like a duck to water.

Now it’s time for us to get back to work on the bunkhouse in order to have it finished for our apprentices when they arrive the end of March. Ken has a set of stairs to build and Martha will be doing the finishing work sanding and oiling the woodwork, painting the dry wall and washing down the clay walls.