Edible Flowers are an eye catching addition to set off a salad. In the picture are Canada Lilies, Nasturtiums, Blue Borage Flowers and some burgundy Red Amaranth leaves, that were just picked from the side garden at Orchard Hill Farm.

The garden is growing well with all the rain. We expect to have our first summer squash and zucchini this Saturday! The strawberry season is just about over. We hope you are enjoying the early broccoli. Cauliflower and summer cabbage will be coming soon.

Due to all the rain (three inches in 14 days) we have delayed cutting the last of our first cut hay. As soon as it drys up we will hope to get it in the barn! Bunkhouse work on the dry wall has started again and we hope to have time to do some more mudding in July.

We have an Ontario CRAFT(Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training) day at the farm next Wednesday. Apprentices from other farms, who are part of the CRAFT apprentice network that we belong to, will be coming here for a tour and workshop. We expect to have the apprentices pull a walking plow to see what’s like to be a draft horse as part of the fun for the day.