Killdeer Food Company

Killdeer Food Company is run by Ellen Laing, Ken and Martha’s daughter. 2023 is a bit of a sabbatical, a breather, a season of exploration. There remains a passion for sharing vibrant food, gathering to celebrate a season and a moment in time, healthy supply chains, and the art of a well-constructed bite. But there will be no markets and no vegetable sales. 

However, a pop-up outdoor supper club is in the works – stay tuned. And when we say stayed tuned we mean join the email list coz we can’t rely on the social media machine (the man) to keep the same settings and who wants to miss out on a good dinner invite? Join our email list here.

Save the dates – June 10, July 15, August 12 and September 16.

Carolinian Disco! Basque Barbecue! Vintage Bazar Brunch! Ideas and inspiration are still percolating….

Have more questions? Feel free to contact Ellen at

519-200-1403 //