I always feel resistant this time of year – my inbox and all the messaging around me is filled with what to buy and how much time I have left to buy and how much money I’m going to save by buying MORE and FASTER. Ugh. I want slower, and finer, and ultimately edible things. And cashmere. I’ll take all the cashmere. I’ve taken to hunting cashmere at thrift stores like I’m a quiet middle aged man that’s just discovered a tree blind for the first time. But I still like to remind myself that the best things in life aren’t things (I mean…unless it’s food).I was hoping to go until Christmas with market and online orders, but I’m simply running out of produce! This will be the last week. Thank you so much for supporting our small, diversified farm. We will be back with the same format (market and online orders to pick up at the farm) in the spring – probably May unless I get feisty. I’ll keep you updated. 
The Quaker Calm tea that we have been selling on the website and at market is almost gone, and Martha has been selling pillows made from up-cycled fabric – you can learn all about the project and the initiatives they’re supporting here . New this year – Sovereign Seeds, an indigenous-led support for seed keepers. Looking for Christmas gifts? Popcorn is a winner! There’s lots of Dill Pickle Kohlrabi kraut and Curried Veg Pickle and I mean, who wouldn’t like the gift of probiotic health? You do have to keep the ferments refrigerated but they will keep for months, so you don’t have to worry about them going bad! New – Spicy Pork & Tomatillo Stew – great depth of flavor and a spicy kick, this one could handle some rice, or be eaten on a bed of roasted squash. Great with some sour cream or cilantro. 

Have a great winter and thank you so much!Ellen
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